Water storage

In horticulture water is indispensable. By making use of a water tank, you can create a water supply in many forms. No matter if it's about PVC foil or Poly Extra (PE) poly olefin foil, you are assured of a solid covering of your water tank for a long time. No matter its size or form. To reach a lasting superior quality, it can be desirable to cover your water tank.

Storing water by means of a water tank, distinguishes it self by the quality and dimensional stability. The water tanks of De Hoog Techniek are flexible systems with many possible applications. We deliver several designs of water tanks.

For many years water tanks are used for storing:

  • irrigation water
  • rain water
  • drinking water
  • other liquids
  • farmed fishes (at fish farms)

Water storage tan Water storage tanks The storage of water in various storage tanks for purifying water.

Water storage tank with vibrating bow screen Watre pound Growing lettuce on water in the greenhouse.

Pound Pound with protection cover Water pound

The following paragraph only applies to the Netherlands:
    Did u know that your water tanks have to be tested and approved after 7 years? It is important to know that your water tanks, which are 7 years or older, are inspected every one or two years as well as it is important to follow the recommendations. De Hoog Techniek can test and approve your water tanks according the guidelines of Interpolis. Request your water tank test and approval today by using this contact form. Do not forget to submit the data of your water tanks. After the water tank inspection, you'll receive a approval report including the recommendations (if any). This report also includes the thickness of the plates of the water tank.

Storage tank measurement Storage tank measurement

Storage of your fertilizer, chlorine or other liquids; with us you are at the right place for storage. We deliver both PE and Polyester containers. For any leakage containers you have come to the right place as well. By default we have different types of containers / bins in stock. It is also possible to fabricate a custom sized container or to add a stirrer / mixer. Please contact us about this via the contactform.

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