De Hoog Techniek creates customized switching panels. The switching panels are created in our own workshop. The panels are used to control several components like:

  • Dosing units
  • UV installations
  • Irrigation systems
  • Hydrophore
  • Fans
  • Fences
  • Aeration
  • Frequency controllers
  • Grow light panels

Switch panel Switch panel fertilizer mix unit Switch panel hydrofore

Schakelpaneel Schakelpaneel Water experience for filling and deflating a playground.

Switch panel Frequency controllers Switch panel

Switching panel Switching panelUV controlling panel


We can both create and design the panels. No matter if it's about a single panel or a series of panel constructions, De Hoog Techniek thinks along with you. Every panel will be tested extensively by us, before any of them will be used. We offer the possibility to put the panels in production on-site and test them again for you, in case desired.

De Hoog Techniek delivers high quality power cabinets in any size. Our assortment offers a wide range of parts. Therefor we can be very flexible and assemble everything in any size as desired by the customer. The main distribution arrangement can optionally be delivered with a (automatic) reversing switch. The main distribution arrangement will be build in such a way, that it is easily expandable with extra groups.

Main switch panel

Main switch panel

Main switch panel