LED lights

Save energy using LED technology. LED lights are energy efficient and last longer than conventional fluorescent lights. The fluorescent lights can be replaced by LED lights. De Hoog Techniek delivers customized LED technology. If required, new fixtures can be installed or the existing fixtures can be transformed to be compatible with LED lights. The LED lighting gives natural lighting which performs as well a conventional fluorescent lighting, if not better. When there is sufficient heat dissipation, the LED lights last 50,000 hours.

The by De Hoog Techniek delivered LED products replace the conventional fluorescent lights as well as the down lights. Our LED tubes replace all fluorescent lights of type T8 en T10 and leave the existing fixtures intact. When you start using our LED tubes a replacement of your conventional lighting, you will directly save up to 70% in the energy costs of your lighting and you'll get an improved light output.

LED lights in a industrial hall LED lights in a industrial hall

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